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June 21 2023 is both the Summer Solstice and the very day, 40 years ago, that the Allswage Company was created. Two great reasons for a celebration. And to mark Allswage’s 40th anniversary we’ve already started sharing our story. Explaining how Allswage customers benefit from unrivalled swaging expertise and much more.

Getting Mobile with Hose Assembly Equipment  

Last month we talked about the 1980s, establishing Allswage Ltd (aligned to June Solstice) and the start of our enduring partnership with Technmaflex.

Hose assembly mobility and cost-competitive solutions were next on the agenda. As David West, joined by our current Managing Director, Nick West, explain below …

Mobile hose assembly solutions

David says, “By the mid-90s, many customers were looking to improve their mobile hose assembly capability. Allswage was ideally placed to support them. Because as well as hose assembly distribution, service and repair, many of the team are motorsport enthusiasts too.

“Our swaging experience combined with one of our passion, outside of work, provided extra insight into how to design and build mobile hydraulic hose workshops that enhanced on-the-road performance.

It explains why we were successful in developing the swaging head for mobiles with our partner Techmaflex, that I mentioned in the last Allswage 40th anniversary celebration blog.”

Mobile workshops and Allswage van racking

Nick adds, “By the early noughties Allswage had become and remains a ‘go to’ name for fitting machines and racking into vans.

“We know our customers need solutions which can stand up to the rigours of being out on the road. So, by this time we had chosen to partner with Edström for quality van racking solutions.”

Servicing and second-hand swagers

Nick continues, “Servicing swagers and refurbishment had grown in importance too.

Customers were now choosing Allswage to add the financial advantages of working with a distributor that not only sells swagers but also knows how to fix them.

“Second hand refurbished swagers, used saws and other used and reconditioned hose assembly equipment are now available on the Allswage used section of our website.”

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