Used Hose Assembly Equipment

Used hose assembly equipment could be the best choice for your business. Especially if you’re looking for affordable, efficient and guaranteed hydraulic hose machinery.

Allswage has 40 years’ experience refurbishing swagers and saws. We’re so confident in the work we do that all our used machinery is offered with a warranty.

Why choose used hose assembly equipment?

If you’re considering used swaging equipment there are 3 great reasons why it works

  • Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Guaranteed

Efficient and sustainable swaging

Used swagers and used crimpers is an efficient choice. If you’re looking for a more sustainable solution then reusing and extending the life of your swaging machinery is the way to go.

Affordable hose machinery

Refurbished hose assembly equipment is more affordable than buying brand new. And with Allswage’s servicing experience you can trust the performance of our equipment.

Valuable warranty

Allswage used hose assembly equipment comes with a warranty for added reassurance.

Buy used swagers

Check Allswage hose assembly used machinery here.

Sometimes the used machinery you need is not be on the shelves yet. But there is every chance we can find what you need.

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