Trailer hose assembly mobile workshop game changer

Have you noticed that when you’re forced to do things differently you often find a much better approach? Crises, however unwelcome, help drive innovation.  The crisis described below provided an opportunity to develop a highly versatile trailer hose assembly workshop. The proof of concept is already establishing itself as a game changer in the world of hydraulic hose mobile workshops.

Find out why…

The challenge

How would you keep working if your factory was damaged by fire and smoke? One of our customers found themselves in this difficult position. To keep the business going they asked Allswage if we could help create a hydraulic hose workshop solution so they could continue business as usual. If we could find a solution that wouldn’t limit or restrict their business and would be available as soon as possible.

We ascertained that still had a useable power source, but all their machines were damaged. A traditional van-based mobile workshop did not fit the bill because of the machinery charging needs. And there was insufficient space for a bulkier container hose workshop.

Our solution

We recommended the development of our new trailer workshop concept. This offers versatile size options. Other benefits include being able to be pulled out of the unit at the start of the working day and stored securely in the unit overnight.

The trailer hose workshop solution was designed to be used all day every day. Through expert electrical adaptation and with a high-powered lithium battery our approach enables our customer to run 12v machinery off a 240v 8amp power supply for an 8-hour day.

This bespoke one-stop hose assembly workshop includes a 1.1/4” 4 wire swager, 1.1/4” 4 wire hose cutting saw, plumbed in 12v compressor with projectile cleaning kit, hose storage rack, fittings storage and tool storage.

The result

Once the solution had been approved, we quickly set about finding the ideal sized trailer and bringing the concept to life at speed. Within two weeks of the first conversation the new trailer workshop was delivered to the customer’s site to keep them operational despite the fire.

The approach is proving to be a game changer because as well as being a site-based solution the 12v machinery offers more versatility and usage options.

You can take this trailer design off the grid too. For example, if you have swaging requirements in the middle of a forest, or field, or at another project base. It is easy to recharge the system using a simple suitcase generator, on a site which allows it. Or with a 240v hook up, back at base, you can achieve a full charge in an hour.

What’s next …

Hose assembly workshops come in all shapes and sizes. In our offering we now include game changing trailer hydraulic hose workshops. Ideal for business continuity it also provides a highly flexible solution for off-the-grid hose assembly applications.

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