Mobile swagers? Weight always matters!

Want better mobile swager performance? Then weight really does matter. As does the weight is distribution achieved through experienced swaging design. Allswage UK will help you find a swager that is the best practical choice when you’re on the move. You don’t need to compromise your performance or safety with models that are less than ideal for model swaging.

Hydraulic hose repairs on the move

Allswage supplies Techmaflex’s PE28H and PE32H 12v swagers because they are proven to perform for mobile hydraulic hose repairs. Tried and tested, these swagers are trusted by mobile hose repair companies across the globe.

At first glance they may not appear to be a unique design, but we know they offer a unique combination of swaging benefits in practice.

Techmaflex’s PE28H and PE32H 12v swager 

Techmaflex’s PE28H 12v swager and the PE32H 12v swager are designed for being on the move. They’ll give you…

  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Useability
  • Weight savings
  • Options – choose a 1.1/4″ or 2″ 

This swager design is mobile friendly and light weight. It comes with a split head / powerpack for clever weight distribution. The low sitting head makes them safer when you’re driving.

Plus, they have built in master die protection for longevity, as well as benefitting from a 2-year warranty.

So, weighing it up. They offer all round great value and performance. Which is what we want for our customers.

Take advantage of Allswage mobile swager expertise

Allswage UK has 35 years of building successful mobile hose workshops. We’re a leading authority on both the installation of mobile swagers and we’re here to help you find the best swaging equipment for your business.

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