Go off grid with a 4X4 and trailer workshop

Ever thought about converting a trailer into a workshop? Our unique trailer conversions are perfect for working off-the-grid. Think of all the times you’ve struggled to get your van and equipment to the breakdown?

Hook a trailer workshop to your 4X4 and whether you’re in a field, a forest or a quarry you’ll be able to get on with the job.

Which is why, as part of our established van conversion business, Allswage now designs and builds trailer workshops – making it easier to keep your business up and running, wherever you find yourself.

We’re leading the UK in converting the very latest trailers, with low slung chassis and coil suspension, for hose assembly repairs and much more.

The choice is yours, from trailer styles to door configurations. Plus, our 3D CAD drawings make it easy to visualise your bespoke trailer conversion before we start the build.

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