Get servicing your hose assembly equipment!

Why? Because annual hose assembly equipment servicing is a must to comply with BFPA standards. And, this is for many good reasons, including everyday performance, machine longevity and safety. Overlook them at your peril …


To ensure your employees are as safe as possible you must keep your machinery in tip top condition. This is both a legal requirement and a moral one.

Maintenance minimises risks to life and limb which could result from swaging activity. Dependent on your application you could be dealing with crimping forces ranging from between 80 and 450 Tons. That’s a huge amount of force!

While many crimping heads can close relatively slowly, the opening action and resetting is often exceedingly quick. Undetected or unresolved faults, for example with aging bolts or a cracked front plate, are exceedingly dangerous for both the operator and others.


Why take short cuts when a regular and controlled approach to maintenance has the potential to significantly improve your performance?

Annual servicing and repairs undertaken by an experienced and trustworthy professional reduce the risk of unscheduled and costly downtime.

It both keeps the machine in the best condition possible and enables corrective training to be given if there are any issues with usage. This approach enables continuous improvement of your hose assembly activities and extends equipment life. Resulting in better performance and lower overall cost.

So, servicing should never be viewed as a waste of time and resources. Invest wisely and don’t be tempted to cut corners. Such as having maintenance and repair work performed by someone without the necessary expertise, experience, accreditations, or even the right spares.

Protecting your machinery protects your people and your business performance.

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