Farming & forestry hose assembly equipment

If you’re working in farming or forestry and want more from your hose assembly equipment performance, then we’re the perfect match for you.

We really know our stuff when it comes to swaging, and our team are brilliant at creating effective and safe mobile workshops. But don’t take our word for it. Come and chat and we’ll introduce you to other customers who will tell you the same thing.

We’re letting all our experience loose at the Midland Machinery Show next week. Are you going?

Our huge range of swaging equipment choices are ideal for agriculture. You’ll never know if you can get a better deal, or boost performance, unless you ask.

As well as supplying a quality range of new and reconditioned swaging equipment we provide all the additional spares, service, and support needed for Agriculture and Forestry. Including being the oldest UK hydraulic hose van convertor.

Plus, due to popular demand, we’ll also be launching a new range of 12volt compressors at the show.

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