Cleaning up at the Fluid Power and Systems Show

Hydraulic hose cleaning technology was a real hot topic at last week’s Fluid Power and Systems Show. Amongst other things visitor wanted to find out about its recycling credentials, suitability for production environments and ability to solve mobile workshop contamination challenges.

Hydraulic hose cleaning is a subject we lead on because of the negative impact on machinery performance and lifespan if you don’t ensure you’re cleaning up your hydraulic hoses effectively and efficiently.

It was great to have our supply partner, Ultra Clean technologies, on hand (Stand G34) to help customers see for themselves the benefits of projectile cleaning.

Does projectile cleaning work for production environments?

Yes, projectile cleaning is a great solution for production environments.

Many customers thought that projectiles were only useful for small batch work. However, since the launch of the Ultra Clean Autoloader, a few years ago, projectiles became an efficient cleaning solution for hose assemblies on production lines too. Integrated into a production environment it only takes an extra five seconds to deliver extremely clean hose assemblies.

This makes it a real game changer if you need to manage contamination without compromising uptime and speed. Demonstrating this at the show has increased interest from high volume production companies.

Are heat shrink caps recyclable?

Yes, we only sell recyclable PVC heat shrink caps.

Plus, there are only 13 different cap sizes for every hydraulic hose fitting on the market up to 2”. This make heat shrink caps an easier stock item to manage than the traditional red caps. With red caps there are multiple styles for each fitting and each fitting size. Whereas, moving to heat shrink caps, cuts inventory costs, reduces storage and they’re recyclable too.

Cleaner hoses for mobile workshop users

We had lots of visitors responsible for performance in mobile hydraulic hose workshops talking about their cleaning and contamination challenges.

Even though clean hoses are assembled in the van and taken to the machine straightaway dirt can still enter the assembly when it is being routed around the machine. For anyone familiar with ripping fingers off work gloves and using these for capping the hoses – this old trick is no longer acceptable. Heat shrink caps are an extremely versatile solution and ideal for mobile workshop applications.

Fast results, minimal investment and high cleaning standards

Projectiles cleaned up at the Fluid Power and Systems Show.

They received a big vote of confidence for producing better results than many realised. Also, for being versatile and recyclable, for being fast with minimal investment and for making it easy to achieve high cleaning standards.

Improve your cleanliness with projectiles! or call 0121 553 5048

Image features: Adrian Crawley, Director and General Manager Allswage with Eric Van Alphen, Director of International Sales, Ultra Clean.

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