Did you head to LAMMA 2023? It was definitely our busiest LAMMA to date and it’s been busier still back at HQ. This year we decided to have a larger stand stand than usual in the Agricultural Machinery and Technology Showroom and we had a guest appearance.

It was a good decision to make more of a splash at the show. It helped us highlight how important the farming industry is to our business. Allswage specialise in agricultural and forestry swaging support. And the bigger stand meant we could exhibit our popular off-road trailer mobile workshops, as well as our in-demand hose assembly equipment. Plus, all the other good stuff.

Our off-grid trailer workshop received lots of positive comments and interest. In fact, despite all the ‘doom and gloom’ in the media we were busy making sales too.

The team were both advising visitors and selling swagers at LAMMA itself, with customers keen to come and do deals and invest in equipment which offers them a better whole life cost proposition. Plus, we offer added-value after sales support and servicing. For Allswage its about so much more than the initial sale of quality swaging machinery and bespoke mobile workshops.

We build long term partnerships by caring about what happens next. We care about customers’ continued uptime and performance. Especially, when it comes to ensuring you can get a good job done, quickly, both on and off-grid. We understand the demands on your time, your machinery and the environment you need to operate in.

We get you and we’ll ensure you get what you need when it comes to hose assembly equipment!

In fact, we were so busy that our founder, Dave West, even came out of retirement to make a guest appearance, joining us on the stand for a couple of days.

Adrian Crawley, General Manager AllswageUK, said, “Marking the start of our 40th year of trading working shoulder to shoulder with Dave again and hearing his pearls of wisdom made LAMMA 2023 really quite special.”

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